Self Study Cert: Copy/Paste Multi Text

  • Paste Options | Match Destination

Formatting to change the formatting to that of the destination document.
Formatting such as bold and italics will still be maintained, but fonts and
sizes will change. (Best Choice)

  • Ctrl + A | Home tab | Font group | Clear Formatting – This will clear all

formatting including bold and italics.

  • Right-click a word within the destination document | Format Painter |

Highlight all of the non-uniform text – This method could possibly work, but
may be very tedious. Another point to consider, upon selecting the Format
Painter, is that the selected text will use the same format as the word

  • Home tab | Paste | Paste Special | Unformatted Text – This will clear all

formatting including bold and italics.


Locavore, That’s Right I’m Out!

I am my own Bob Barker in these contests, and I don’t want to win a prize from myself.  Friday was approaching fast and I knew I had to knock out a few more players before the end of the game.  The prizes will be better if fewer people win, supply and demand. (If you knock people out today and you are the only winner, your prize will be awesome – motivation?!)

Fresh, the movie, happened before the hummus, I love spices.  I told myself, I will wait until after the movie and see what direction it motivates me.  Well, they had some amazing looking meals at those farms. My mind started racing for Locavore Round 2 where those meals would be totally legal. Of course spices have their fare share of issues so, now it is time to research the sustainable suppliers.

I also walked away inspired to buy my Main Market Co-op membership.  I have it budgeted for next month when I originally planned to buy one but I am now more motivated and excited about it.

At the Fresh swap, I still was not sure if I would go out.  So I traded for Rachel’s carrots, which we all ended up eating like popcorn at the movie, and Crystal let me have some of her oil.  I will honor that with an awesome vegan meal made with the oil.

I learned more from this contest than in contests in the past. It definitely had more meaning behind it.  I am quite a literal person, and I am happy to know more people would be willing to find out what “local” in Spokane, WA means in the literal sense.

I am very excited to start putting that “Annual Manual” of locavore places together.  It will be web-based while the directory is complied.  If you want to help or have suggestions please, feel free. Even at the movie Fresh, people were asking about local vendors.  I don’t know why I just assumed the rest of the audience would know more than me about the local producers and supporters in our region.

Remember you 5 remaining, if you knock then out to one sole winner there will be an awesome prize, if there is more than one winner there will still be a prize it just won’t be nearly as good.

Locavore Day 4

I’m out!

Fresh (the movie) was my inspiration.  More on that later.

Remi and Andrew are also out.

Locavore Day 3 update

What I ate: left over peach experiment, apple, corn on the cob, Afghan salad with peach, ginseng in hot water with peach juice, squash, purple potato.

I also had some peach juiceI mixed with water, then frozen and poured Dry Fly Vodka on top.  Peach Icy.

I also had some peach juiceI mixed with water, then frozen and poured Dry Fly Vodka on top. Peach Icy.

I am no artist but this is what I wanted last night.

I am no artist but this is what I wanted last night.

Secret Weapon and Locavore Day 2

Secret Weapon this time is Ginseng.  It is supposed to give you energy and help moodiness. Sometimes I have to work at night.  Well, last night I fell asleep way too early and didn’t wake up to work until 1AM.  Now, my energy levels are totally off.

The plan, boil the ginseng root (From Greenbluff) in my leftover peach juice (read more below) and add some mint (from my garden).  I think that will be the Wednesday cure.


Day 2 Update:

Lentz oats boiled in water with honey,

Baked squash from the garden nothing added, the flavor was amazing on its own,

Baked purple potato,

Small portion of steak, I am getting sick of it

Awesome green salsa for everything

Apples and plums as snacks

Then I experimented with Lentz flour, grains, egg, milk, honey and peaches.  I found if you boil the peach slices in water for about 10 minutes it makes a great juice.

The experiment was alright, not that great, but not that bad either.  The flavor of that flour is wonderful.

Photo 5


I traded in my birthday chocolates (thanks TL) for some onions.

I traded in my birthday chocolates (thanks TL) for some onions.

Locavore Day 1 and food sources

Day 1 order of food: peach, rolled oats (honey, milk), strawberry smoothie (milk, strawberries, honey), purple potato and garlic, corn on the cob (apple cider, garlic, onion sauce), roasted squash wedges, baked potato, steak (tomato, onion, milk sauce)

Yes, I ate parts of all of that.  I did not plan well at all, quite like Monique was saying.  So, the peach for breakfast and nothing more with me, I had to run home at lunch and think fast.  Then snacks of vegetables between meals until Remi bought steak and shared it with me.  I also tried to put milk in a blender hoping I could whip it enough to make butter.  Guess what happens to the blender, it gets to hot and shuts off and basically boils the milk from the heat.

Unlike Andrew, my struggle is prepping food and the time it takes to cook it.  I don’t have a problem with caffeine.  It is a great addiction to get over.

Here is where my food came from. Like many wondering about the miles driven to get food, had more research been done ahead of time, I am guessing I never would have had to leave a 5 mile radius of my house to get food from the 100 mile radius.  I now have more knowledge about the sources and markets.

Food from the garden:
Snap Peas

Food from friends/neighbors:
Applesauce (Harvest House Greenbluff Apples, nothing added)

Food from Fresh Abundance:
Spelt flour, oats, and grains

Food from Market behind Maxwell House Bar (Ash & Maxwell):

Food From 11 Acres on Greenbluff:
Ginseng ($0.60)
Pearl onions

Food From Walter’s on Greenbluff:
Apple Cider
Green Peppers
Other peppers

Food From Deer Park Farmers Market:
Purple potatoes
honey – the lowest price in town
Green Beans