Tea Party

All the Tea Party talk reminded me of a childhood game “Tea Party – War” that was played in a swimming pool, did anyone else play that game?

This week, one of the Thristers Worldwide e-mail newsletters was titled “Tea Party’s Muddled Message I”. Bob introduces this post with “The Tea Party phenomenon appears to be growing in strength and numbers – fast enough so that it is worth taking a careful look at its message.  Thirster in Residence JIM KAHAN, psychologist, generalist, futurist, and policy analyst, has done just that.  Below is his take on what he found.”

Jim Kahan discusses four letters supporting the Tea Party published in the Oregonian on April 20, 2010.

In the fourth discussion he writes: “Finally, the letters descry government intervention in our daily lives. Well, folks, I don’t see you objecting to government intervention to prevent women from having to bear unwanted children, government intervention to prevent a loving couple from enjoying the benefits of civil marriage just because they are of the same gender, or government intervention to permit even-handed civil discourse on political issues instead of letting the loudest voices with the most money dominate. Your objections to government intervention seem all one-sided and — if I may say so — alarmingly undemocratic.  It is as if money and property were more important to you than people.”

You might find us at the next Tea Party holding signs saying: “Government, keep your hands off of my abortion clinic!” or “Why should OBAMA decide what gender I should marry?!”

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