Day 4 Challenges

Day 3: Ended with more studying and a great meal made by Remi.  Yep, I said I wanted to make some elaborate creation and it didn’t happen.  However, steak from Rocky Ridge (Main Market), mashed potatoes, and asparagus, with a glass of Arbor Crest did.  I did enter the contest at Main Market yesterday and haven’t received a phone call, so I don’t think I won.  That is fine though, because I can’t wait to go back today to enter to win the Cowgirl Cookware.  Have you all check it out at Main Market?  It is excellent and I want a set.

Updates: SFCC Students wrote back to me about the free produce: “Every third Tuesday of every month 🙂 head to the food bank in 17 there was literally HUNDREDS of pounds left.”

Deborah from Roast House coffee challenged the Spokavore’s to a tasting of her new local coffee.

Last week, Blue Spark challenged Spokane Food Blog to a spicy foods day challenge.  We are currently assembling the 4 person team.  If you think you have what it take to win speak up, but so far the majority of the spots are spoken for.  The contest details have yet to be determined.  Spectators are welcome.

Day 4 the plan: It is a Gonzaga game night so that means I want to make something fun. Local sports with local food.  Too bad PSAH didn’t follow suit. Becky, Bart, Paul, and Mark have claimed they aren’t being too creative with the meals but want to be.  I am with them there. I read a blog in August and it had a post about homemade crackers, this happened to be on Monique‘s blog (yes, once again inspiration from Monique).  I am going to attempt to make crackers tonight, something I have been wanting to do since I first tasted the homemade crackers at Wild Sage Bistro when it opened a few years ago.

Homemade crackers with a tapas twist.  The tapas details are yet to be worked out. Some salad and possibly a beer – or beer crackers, hum…

Today I am loving:

1. Beans leftover from Locavore that are soaking at home waiting to be made into a hummus like dip

2. I am going back to Main Market today to spent my $15 postcard and enter to win the cookware

3. A coffee break sounds like a good idea, and Coffee Social isn’t too far away

4. I haven’t eaten at Sante, Latah Bistro, or One World this week and I budgeted to go out for food (not just drink) at some point during this week, might have to extend the challenge a few days to fit it all in.

5. My Jack LaLanne Juicer


3 responses to this post.

  1. So much in your post makes me happy: the produce at SFCC, the sound of your dinner (yum), dip making, the Jack LaLanne, and kind words about me. Thank you.

    btw, I’m looking at a Madeleine’s croissant that wants me to eat it; does Madeleine’s count? I’m going to go track you all down and find out – on my way…


    • Sounds like we will need to find time for an outing to SFCC, I don’t want free produce going bad. I think a huge bag of carrots pureed into soup sounds excellent.

      You ate the croissant, glad it was divine.


  2. […] Geneva mentioned that she was going to test out the cracker recipe tonight. I’m curious to hear how they turned out. […]


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