Assortment Day 3

Day 2: Ended with a tour of Airway Heights looking for the Golden Hills Brewery which is open for tours, if when you show up the owners are there.  The red barn brewery was closed so we stopped in at a bar for the local beer. Then a quick stop by the Swamp where the local beer on tap was also Golden Hills. Off to a party with some Townsend T3 and the birthday cake served happened to a local Cyrus O’Leary pie.

The middle of the day served a fantastic sandwich assembled by me.  Petit Chat tuscan roll, some Lite House dressing, lettuce, tomato, onion from Main Market, and cheese made by Quillisascut sold by Main Market.

Petit Chat oatmeal is tasty.

Also, SFCC has random days where an organization hauls in hundreds of pounds free produce.  I mean you can get a 20 pound bag of carrots for free. Oh and most of it is local too. Time to track down more information on the days this event happens.  They seem to have a hard time giving it away.

Day 3 The plan:

Well I know you all saw Main Market is having some drawings and I do love to enter contests so, I plan to stop by today to enter and win. That Monique sure is making some tasty treats, and now I want to spend the evening making something delicious from whatever I have in the pantry.  Crystal posted about a contest that will help to inspire tonight’s creation.

Today I am Loving:

1. The thought of Sante at some point this week.

2. The funny posts on all competitors blogs.

3. Soup.

4. I have an assortment of products that are local from various contests and now, I can’t wait to turn them all into one creation.


7 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by moneeeq on February 17, 2010 at 10:34 AM

    Yummy local goodness; beer and cake and tuscan roll sandwiches? delish!
    I am so interested in the SFCC produce gleening especially considering I live only 2 miles away! Where did you hear this and how can I help investigate?


  2. Sweet. I bought the Petit Chat oatmeal, too, but I wasn’t sure if it was okay to eat. Yay!

    Also, I’m interested in the SFCC produce giveaway, too!


    • Yeah it is legal since it was produced by a local company and a fantastic local company at that!. I’ll let you guys know if I hear back from the Student Board members.


  3. Posted by Paul on February 17, 2010 at 12:58 PM

    Y’all should come down to the Community Building Farmer’s Market tomorrow!


  4. […] Day Three Holy cow, I can’t remember the last time I had such a hankering for a local brew. Thing is I can’t bring myself to go out and get one considering all this food I have in my […]


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