Spokavore Day 2

Day 1: Ended with Boulani, Dry Fly Vodka, Litehouse (Sandpoint, ID) salad dressing

Boulani (photo coming soon): The dough was made from Lentz spelt flour, water, and salt.  The filling was made from potatoes and green onions from Rosauers, Peri Peri sauce from Old European, jalapenos from El Mercado del Pueblo.  Then it was pan seared on both sides and topped with some Litehouse dressing which really should have been yogurt, but I didn’t want to make any.

Day 2 the plan: Work, take a test, work, another birthday party – which might mean wine tonight, but I am leaving the choices open.

Today I am loving:

1. My tortilla press purchased from El Mercado del Pueblo. Making boulani was easy with this device, no rolling pin needed.  I can also make tortillas and mini pizzas, or even mince nuts or spices with it.

2. De Leon, I really want some pre-made tortillas.

3. Monique’s post, her photos always make her food seem awesome and provide inspiration.

4. The fact that if I wanted chocolate I have about a dozen places to chose from, Spokandy, Hallett’s, OMO, Chocolate Apothecary, some new product at Main Market, another new product up at Rocket Market, Chocolate dessert from Latah Bistro, Sante, Coffee Social, etc.

5. One World Cafe, I can’t wait to find some time grab lunch there or Checkerboard Tavern.

6. Petit Chat has oatmeal that looks awesome, so I am also excited to try that purchase.


5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by moneeeq on February 16, 2010 at 9:51 AM

    Thanks Geneva; your knowledge of local products offers me many more food options. Perhaps if we ever get around to cracker making you can show me how to make boulani.


  2. I had no idea Litehouse was local, wow!

    And I had never heard of boulani — looks delicious!


  3. […] Geneva takes local ingredients and makes them international with boulani. (It’s very good and tasty.) […]


  4. oh is Litehouse one word, I should edit that.

    and yes, I do want cracker but your food are looking awesome too.


  5. I love reading all your daily loves!


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