7×7: Spokavore

Here goes another food contest, Spokavore.

Day 1 The Plan: Work, study for a test, and birthday party with a some friends.

Today I am loving:

  1. I still have the Main Market (up to $15) gift card that was in the mail last week.
  2. Lentz products are everywhere.  During Locavore Round 1, these could only be found at Fresh Abundance and now, I have seen them in bulk at Main Market, and on shelves at possibly my favorite grocery store, Rocket Market (I love the the small intimates space, shelves stacked high, and extremely varied selection of products). Had it not been for Locavore, I would not have tried these products and now I am hooked. I plan to make Afghan Boulani tonight with the flour.
  3. Petite Chat is 100% on the list of thing we can eat.  They even sell Shepard’s Grain flours right in their store, along with some other products I might not eat but appreciate, honey butter, and rosemary butter, fresh churned. This bakery is the best and I never get tired of their bread.  My tip, have them slice it right there in the store.  Huckleberry’s and Main Market have started selling Petit Chat products, and although these two locations are easier for me, I would not sacrifice buying the product there until they start marking exactly how many days it has been on the shelf. The bakery is worth the trip out of my daily zone.
  4. Main Market is open.  Not only do they carry great products but they also mark many of them “Local”.  Now their local isn’t defined in this contests sense of local, but it is easy to read just where the products come from.
  5. Lemon, which will be used to muddle a drink at a birthday party tonight.  I love Dry Fly but I also like 44 Degrees Huckleberry infused vodka.  That’s right lemon is allowed b/c this time around all fresh produce it totally legal, if purchased from a local vendor.

Instead of linking to the sources for these products, check out Spokavore.com for more information.  We’ll be sure to get these items in the database at some point during the contest.


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  1. […] Olive oil? There’s a local distributor (and infuser) in Coeur d’Alene. Even butter! Geneva points out that Petite Chat has […]


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