Secret Weapon and Locavore Day 2

Secret Weapon this time is Ginseng.  It is supposed to give you energy and help moodiness. Sometimes I have to work at night.  Well, last night I fell asleep way too early and didn’t wake up to work until 1AM.  Now, my energy levels are totally off.

The plan, boil the ginseng root (From Greenbluff) in my leftover peach juice (read more below) and add some mint (from my garden).  I think that will be the Wednesday cure.


Day 2 Update:

Lentz oats boiled in water with honey,

Baked squash from the garden nothing added, the flavor was amazing on its own,

Baked purple potato,

Small portion of steak, I am getting sick of it

Awesome green salsa for everything

Apples and plums as snacks

Then I experimented with Lentz flour, grains, egg, milk, honey and peaches.  I found if you boil the peach slices in water for about 10 minutes it makes a great juice.

The experiment was alright, not that great, but not that bad either.  The flavor of that flour is wonderful.

Photo 5


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  2. Posted by moneeeq on September 2, 2009 at 8:02 AM

    Great idea with the peaches and lentz flour. I wonder if it would work to use similar ingredients and do a sort of fruit-quiche-style-puff? Perhaps if it had enough fruit it would work….

    I’m going to boil me some peach juice and add it to a glass of milk (my mom used to give us the peach juice from canned peaches to add to our milk). Sounds like a good time to try it again.


  3. Posted by moneeeq on September 2, 2009 at 8:02 AM

    btw… where did the ginseng come from?


  4. 11 Acres Farm in Greenbluff


  5. I didn’t know we had local ginseng, or I would have listed it to Brightspirit as a suitable caffeine replacement. All of the other things I listed aren’t really comparable to the power of caffeine, but ginseng is amazingly potent (and I think it’s surprisingly yummy… just some tea with honey, yummm).
    When I used to be a camp counselor, I would drink a cup of ginseng tea each morning and be able to keep up with the kids all day long. Even caffeine couldn’t give me THAT kind of a boost! (Not to mention, you don’t get the jitters or anything.)

    Good stuff, and a great find!


  6. […] Inspired by Geneva’s peach experiment, I separated some eggs, added milk and spelt flour to the yolks then folded in the whipped egg […]


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