Here We Go Again! 7vs7

7vs7 Locavore.  Visit Spokane Food Blog for details (I am not in the mood to link sites).

So far, I have to admit, I am a bit intimidated by these new players (Moneeeq, Hank, Stephanie, Brightspirit, Crystal, John Speare, and Rachel). They are researching and preparing way more than I have.  Brandi doesn’t scare me yet, she has not updated enough. The old players are no worry, of them only Andrew has won a contest and I am not sure his head is in it for a win.

My plan?  Get with the program and start meal planning a buying products.

The Roster of Players:

1. Becky from I Put the Me in Awesome
2. Mark from Route 140 and Rhymes with Almonds
3. Unknown Neva from SFB and Finally a Blog
4. Moneeeeq from Home Economics 2.0
5. Andrew from Editor, Revised and Burger, Revised
6. Hank from Shallow Cogitations
7. BrightSpirit from Fresh Abundance *which blog will you post to?
8. Paul from DTE
9. Remi from SFB and RemiAndre
10. Bart from DTE
11. Crystal from SpoVegan
12. Stephanie from Peanut butter and Stephanie
13. John Speare from Cycling Spokane
14. Rachel from One Facet of the Human Experience
15. Brandi from Twitter *which blog will you post to?

Good luck everyone.

More to come later about why this contest was started and my personal motivations.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Hey, you’re intimidated? There is no way I would have even considered doing the original 7vs7- blech, I would have been out sooooo fast!!! I’m sure you’re a force to be reckoned with.


  2. I agree with moneeeq about the original contests. I would have done ok with the no-processed food one though, just like I’m thinking I’ll have a fairly easy go with this one.
    The reason I think this: because I already eat a lot of unprocessed and local foods, so I only have to make small adjustments and would only have to give up a few things to do either of these two contests.

    I think the fact that this one’s only 5 days makes it even easier. I only work on the weekends, so I don’t have to bother with trying to pack a lunch so I can stay in!
    (Which would have been more of a challenge, because I work for fast food, AND they give me free food… so I usually eat at least some of it.)

    Don’t think of us as competition, after all, this contest can have multiple winners; think of us as companions!
    In fact, if you ever want help researching, feel free to ask me (but really most of my information has just come from Google). I have a feeling some of these other new contestants would be happy to share their information too!


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