7/7 Day 3 & 4

Day 3 Afternoon: Black bean soup with hard-boiled egg white and apple with peanut butter.

Day 3 Night: Ben and Jerry’s milk shake, gorgonzola fries, a few sips of beer, about 4 glasses of water.

Day 4 Morning: 20 oz latte from Victoria’s

Yes, that is right I am out.  How did it come to this?  Well, yesterday I sent my passport to get a visa.  The visa should be back in 3 business days.  As soon as I get my visa back I will be flying back to Afghanistan.  SO?  My diet in Afghanistan will not be too much different from this food competition diet.  That means I want to eat some dairy and cook with olive oil before I go.  I will not be gone too long but long enough to miss cooking my own foods.

A trip to Costco to get some fruit to juice really put me over the edge.  Why am I restricting myself now when I will be restricted next week?  Then the phone calls started.  I left Becky a desperate voicemail, eagerly waiting for her work break.  Thank goodness I have an iPhone and could just send her emails and text messages too.  I still was not convinced I should drop out of the competition, but Remi was definitely failing as he was about to breakout into tears wanting to eat pizza.  A few text messages were sent to Andrew, Mark, and Ryan.  Two of which thought I was joking about Remi going out and one who encourage it.  I am sure you can guess who was encouraging.

Meanwhile, I put two calls into Tara, my Philly Librarian and messenger for the Kingdom of Vegetarians winner.  The first asking her to order a pizza to my house because I just could not bring myself to do it.  The second another plea to get me out of this contest.  Still, she wasn’t going to help and, I wasn’t going to leave my house.  Until, her and Matty mentioned a Ben and Jerry’s milkshake! Keeping up with my marathon training I ran to Ben and Jerry’s along with Remi who had long decided he was going out.  Becky calls saying she is on her work break.  I asked her to meet at the ice cream shop.  The three of us drank milkshakes and loved it.  Until, Becky and I felt sick.

Anyone left in the contest, do not go out.  It will make you sick.  Right now I am still buzzing from a 20 oz latte.  I rarely drink coffee, but when I do it is no more than an 8 oz beverage, so 20 oz will, that is just mind blowing. I will, in the future stick to a more non-processed foods diet.  But, I do want to add a little processed now and again.

Mark S., Mark G., I am rooting for you.  Andrew, I don’t think it is possible for Remi to knock you out.  Jordy and Paul, if you are out there update, otherwise I am saying you went out before me.

I am already thinking of the next contest.  This time I will try to make sure Afghanistan isn’t around the corner.  How about aiming for sometime near Bloomsday the end of April or mid May?  Anyone is welcome and I think the addition of Hank and Jacque will be a challenge to Andrew.  He needs some strong competitors.

Check out the other blogs to get the whole story of 7/7 Challenge #2.


4 responses to this post.

  1. YES! I’m glad we went out! I went to Steer Inn and ate a grilled cheese sandwich and fries, and then ate a billion chocolate-covered pretzels. I did not feel well after this. Not at all. I agree though, I want to eat more non-processed food..it’s actually not bad (minus the crankiness of not having caffeine). I also hope nobody else gets out of the competition this time.


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  3. […] don’t know if Jordy is still in or out, we do know that media celebrities Not Unknown at All Neva and yours truly came crashing out of the competition after inhumane Ben and Jerry tempting from a […]


  4. […] day without touching processed food, caffeine or alcohol. Which is more than I can say for Remi, Geneva and Becky. At least they went out in […]


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