7/7 Day 3

Evening from Day 2: Menu change… I tried to make fried rice, with garlic, and tomato. Cooking without oil is difficult as Andrew pointed out in his update. Steak was cooked, but for some reason I really didn’t like it, so I gave it away. The best part of the meal was the salad posted on Remi’s update. It reminded me of Afghan salad. I also had strawberries with honeycomb sauce.

Morning: Apple

Note: Becky’s post is just funny. Especially, since I have know the girl since we were about 8 years old. Mark G., where are you? Maybe in some library meetings? I think Ryan might be aiming to knock Remi out with his messages of eating De Leon chicken in bacon grease. Fortunately for me my friend with the candy dish down the hall from my office is out a few days this week. Out of sight out of mind. Mark S. I feel is strong in the contest living on almonds for a few days, but we need some updates. Jordy is here to stay and I am sure her creative cook BF is helping. As for DTE Paul, well, I predict he is out.

Potluck? Andrew came up with the idea of a potluck. Anyone interesting in banning together and sharing non-processed food dishes let us know.


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