7/7 Day 2

Morning: Apple and banana

Afternoon: Black Bean Soup! yummy! Actually, it is a recipe that was modified from a Yum Sugar post. I topped it with cilantro and fresh cut Roma tomatoes. I also had a banana with peanut butter and some lemon juice sweetened with orange juice.

Evening: I am planning to eat a meat and roasted red potato dish and cooked apples with cinnamon and honeycomb for dessert. Or, I might try to revise this recipe with leftovers from my lunch. I think I can replace the bread with potatoes and the oils with coconut milk. I just have to purchase a coconut.

Marathon update: I am still on track with all the workouts and getting advice from a few people including Hank.


3 responses to this post.

  1. There’s not much advice in the culminating story of my marathon experience. I’m sure you’re finding plenty to read already. The point I would emphasize is to remember that your goal is to finish. Your time doesn’t matter. Who you’re in front of or behind doesn’t matter. Crossing the finish line is why you ran for weeks and weeks.


  2. […] the rest of the group is doing well up to this point. Becky, I know you can defeat your nemesis. Geneva, I don’t know if you realize how hard coconut milk is to extract. Remi, I am amazed that you […]


  3. […] We started this thing, we can’t very well go out first. (First minus the quitters I mean.) Increasingly Known Neva posted some pictures of her lunch just to prove that cheating is not an option. Yours truly, […]


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