7/7 Day 2 Predictions

Predictions from a pessimistic view


  • Andrew – He won 7/7 #1, he has a game plan, and I don’t think this is too far from his regular eating habits. Coffee will be his challenge.
  • Mark G – A basketball player/ librarian = recipe for competition success.   Not to mention the family organic farm will help with his fruit consumption.
  • Remi – Totally focused and determined to claim a victory.
  • Ryan – He has the willpower to stick to De Leon, Mizuna, Sante, etc. He will also manage to knock someone out of the competition.


  • Paul – His DTE partner dropped before the start and he might be influenced to do the same.
  • Becky – She is paranoid about using a wrong ingredient.  Plus she is easily influenced by cheesecake.
  • Geneva – Yes, that’s me.  Becky and I were knocked out during the last 7/7 and it is possible we just might do it again.
  • Mark S. – He, will make it far but will crave olive oil for his cooking and might drop.
  • Stefan – He will not be able to eat 7 layer dip for 7 days.
  • Jordy – I haven’t seen her game plan yet, so from a pessimistic prediction she is in the loser list.
  • Bart – He went out before he started.
  • Mariah – She went out before she started.

Predictions from an Optimistic View:

Everyone will win.  Everyone, that is except Bart and Mariah because they went out before I was able to write my predictions.

*****Visit www.spokanefoodblog.com for full links and competition updates.*****

My personal update:

Day 1:

  • Morning – Zucchini and a hard boiled egg white.  I was totally grossed out by the egg.  I don’t like birds.
  • Afternoon – Apple and peanut butter (the kind you grind yourself from whole peanuts)
  • Night – Jasmine rice – unbleached, juice from the Jack LaLanne, banana, some juice pulp, cashews – unsalted, etc.

Prep for Day 2 – Black bean soup (Actually, I started to prep then Remi finished while Becky and I filmed Andrew making juice. For an awesome video check out Andrew’s blog.  I am sure he will post our great film job sometime today.)  * If anyone else needs some Jack LaLanne in your diet,  you are welcome to use the juicer.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Becky on January 26, 2009 at 1:09 PM

    Yes! I’m glad I’m on your Loser’s List (I’m in great company there). My dad told me he is going to eat only processed foods this week…he’s heating up a krispy kreme donut right now…


  2. […] as Unknown Neva notes, eating like this doesn’t vary much from my normal diet. So far, I’m loving it. * Now […]


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