Finally a Marathon

I am starting to wonder why I decided to include running (run, walk, crawl) a marathon on my high school goals list.  Well, I ran cross country in high school and thought by the time I got to my 20’s I would be a superb runner.  Turns out I did not keep up with running the way I envisioned in my teenage years.  Oh well, I am going to run again.  This weekend I signed up to run the Seattle Rock n Roll Marathon on June, 27, 2009.

I am going to need all of the encouragement I can get.  I found a 16 week beginners training schedule.  First you have to be able to run for 30 solid minutes then you can start the training.  I have about 21 weeks until my marathon.

So far a few others have registered to run this with me, my friend who will be married on top of Mt. Spokane this summer and one of the other bridesmaids.  For the bride-to-be, this is the bachelorette party.  I was in charge of planning the party and what better party for a girl who is hiking to her wedding than running a marathon?  One of the bridesmaids husbands lost a bet on a Cougar game and is now registered for the 1/2 marathon.  There is talk of others that I know signing up for the marathon or 1/2 marathon.  I hope they sign up and I hope others will too. 🙂

Any advice and encouragement is welcomed and appreciated.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Good luck and have fun with it. I did the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon in San Diego last June. (If you read about my experience don’t let it dissuade you.) After that I decided I’m going to run a marathon every 51 years. I’m still on track for that. 😉


  2. […] Marathon update: I am still on track with all the workouts and getting advice from a few people including Hank.   […]


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