Kingdom of Vegetarians Restaurant

The only reason you need to go to Philly: Kingdom of Vegetarians Restaurant.  Of course there are some other draws including, Tara, Heather, Fresh Prince, Adrian Greiner from HGTV (I saw him at brunch), great architecture, WAWA, “This is America when ordering speak English”, brotherly love, Irish Obama supporters, do not block the box, murals, tomato peach pie, librarians, comedians, vegan everything, West Elm bamboo blankets, Rocky, and a whole lot of history.

Kingdom of Vegetarians Restaurant (Kingdom) owner is my hero.  Although I gave my 17 years of vegetarianism away to a premeditated bite of salmon at Luna in October 2007 (followed by a 2oz fillet minion at Churchill’s in November 2007), Kingdom could make a vegetarian out of any meat eater.  For $12.00 all you can eat vegan dim sum will cover your table and you will be shocked by a. the quality b. the taste and c. the fact that absolutely everything is vegan EVERYTHING.  The draw backs of Kingdom, well lets just say I can’t stand keffiyeh wearing hipsters, if you are going to wear one put it on your head and know what you are representing – anyway – they still support Kingdom and that of course is the ultimate goal.

Take a look at the fabulous food of Kingdom of Vegetarians.  It is so great I even purchased a very ugly t-shirt  just to support my hero.  Jump on a plane, take a train, or run to Kingdom, but however you get there hurry it will be the best thing that has ever happened to you – ever.


3 responses to this post.

  1. 1. I would like to go to this place you call Kingdom.
    2. keffiyeh wearing hipsters are stupid and they suck. just like the turban wearing hipster chicks.
    3. I still think it’s funny you refer to Adrien Grenier as the guy from HGTV when he is on a show called Entourage (and I’m pretty sure he is known more from that than anything else, including “Drive Me Crazy” or whatever that movie was called).
    4. Is that Raul in the last pic? Is Raul his name?


  2. 1. yes! go!
    2. yes!
    3. well of course he is most known from HGTV – at least to me
    4. no it isn’t Rahul – Rahul is my facebook friend though. The man pictured is Alissa’s BF and they are just about the best couple I have met. He is holding his vegan tomato pie.


  3. Posted by taralynne on September 22, 2008 at 4:53 PM

    tomato peach pie. with cinnamon oil. i couldn’t stomach it. just couldn’t.

    my rahul boy is leaving in a week 😦 sad sad sad.


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