Cooking with Dr. O

Cooking Afghan food with Dr. O from Afghanistan

Appetizer (non Afghan)

Brie with tomato garlic sauce and capers over bread


Halal lamb in sauce, Afghan salad, kabuli palaw

Things to know before you attempt this at home

According to Dr. O, in simple terms halal meat is when the animal is blessed three times with the phrase God is great or allahu akbar, before killing the animal with a knife. The blessing and slaughter must be done by a person of Muslim faith. White and red meat both need this blessing but fish does not need to be blessed.

  • Where to find halal meat especially lamb.

Thanks to an I LUV Spokane producer it only took me 4 stores to find halal meats in Spokane. I tired Huckleberries, Albertson’s on 57th, Egger’s Meats South Perry, and finally the winner International Food.

  • What is kabuli palaw?

Kabuli palaw is made from batsami rice. This can also be found at International Foods. Other grocery stores do carry it but it is not the Afghan style that Dr. O prefers. Do not offer a rice cooker when making this. The one hour soaking and steaming process makes its very tasty.

  • A food processor is faster than a knife.

Use one especially since the electricity works 24/7 in Spokane.

  • Where to find Afghan food if you do not want to cook.

In Seattle, WA (I haven’t tried this store but I know the owners) Kabul Afghan Cusine. In Maryland (opened last night 8/12 a friends store, the website is coming soon) Mimi’s Kabob.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by TL on August 13, 2008 at 9:14 PM

    you know… we have halal meat places everywhere in west philly…


  2. […] away.  The best part of the meal was the salad posted on Remi’s update.  It reminded me of Afghan salad.  I also had strawberries with honeycomb […]


  3. […] to start the meeting, and greeted me with a few questions about Spokane, as he had been there in the summer of 2008 when I first met him. Of course, no meeting in Afghanistan can start without tea, so the tea and […]


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